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 "Finally, Someone That Will Save Myself Time And Take Away My Hassles"
What Makes Being a Landlord

At Times?
Why Choose a Property Manager?

Leave the hassles of dealing with tenants with someone else.
  It is awkward when a tenant asks you
      for special favors or improvements
      on your property.

Leave the challenge of advertising your property with someone else.
  How do you word the advertisement
      in order to get the best response?
      Can you list it at retail locations
      around the town to get the attention
      of tenants.

Leave the screening of prospective tenants with someone else.
        What questions do you ask?
      What questions can you ask?
      What do you look for, what are the
       red flags?

Leave the showing of a property with someone else.
        How do you prepare your property?
       Forms, Forms, Forms
       Do you have the proper applications,
       lease, property inspection forms?
       When do You make the first contact?
       What can you do to get the tenant


 Let us


And Screen Them.


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